Meet Your Aquanimity Crew

cropped-Aquanimity-Crewjpg Chartering in the Virgin Islands with an excellent, catering crew!

Captain Bertie & Chef Theresa Chapman

Bertie and Theresa Chapman stand out above all-overs in the neat way they share their extensive knowledge and experience with you. They welcome you aboard with a genuine, friendly smile and cocktail.  You'll be right as ease quickly and know you're going on quite an adventure with an excellent Captain & Chef. They know the best places to visit, scenic spots, and fascinating local history and culture.

You can ask questions or make requests without feeling hesitant or uncomfortable. Because they are attentive to your needs, they will assist and respond quickly to any requests, whether for a special meal or a specific activity.

Even the best-planned itineraries can be impacted by weather or unexpected circumstances. Our crew is flexible and adaptable to your wants and will be able to adjust plans quickly and smoothly to ensure that you have the best possible experience.

Safety is essential to Bertie and Theresa; they make it a top priority on your sailing trip and will take a proactive approach to keep everyone safe, giving you peace of mind throughout your journey.

Crew Background

Captain Barend (Bertie) Chapman, originally from Cape Town, South Africa, graduated from university as an Engineering and worked for De Beers in the Synthetic Diamond Division for some thirty years.

He has sailed, snorkeled, and deep sea fished along Africa's south and southeastern coast from Mozambique, Sodwana Bay, St Lucia, the coast of Natal South Africa, Port Alfred (Eastern Cape), and most of Western Cape. For six years, he and his wife/First Mate Teresa have pursued their dream of owning their yacht and becoming full-time sailors. Their circumnavigation started in December 2014 when they participated in the Governor's Cup Yacht Race from Cape Town to St Helena. They cruised Brazil's coastline for six months and French Guyana's river waterways and coastline for five months. After that, they sailed on to Grenada and the Caribbean. They fell in love with the Virgin Islands and decided to stay; they are now in their fifth charter season in the Virgin Islands.

First Mate Teresa Chapman, a customer service professional from Cape Town, South Africa, has shared Bertie's dream and can not wait to welcome you onboard Aquanimity. Teresa has the warmest heart, and in no time, you will feel at home and know you will be taken great care of on your adventure. She loves to entertain and prepare meals to every person's satisfaction. Her motto is to make you feel special and relaxed and to share the beauty of the BVI and USVI Islands.

Aquanimity is family-friendly and LOVES to have babies aboard!